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About YCPC
    Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Corp. Ltd.(abbreviated as Yanchang Petroleum Group),directly attached to Shaanxi People’s Provincial Government, is one of the four qualified enterprises for oil and gas exploration in China. In 1905, Yanchang Petroleum Factory was established;In 1907, drilled the first oil well in mainland China;In 1944, Mao Zedong wrote the inscription “Immerge in hard work”;Since China adopted “Reform and Opening-up” policy, Yanchang Petroleum adhered to “Supporting the enterprise via oil, combiningmining with refining, and rolling developing”; In 1998 and 2005, two great restructurings were undertaken, resulting in integration and reorganization of Shaanxi YanchangPetroleum (Group) Co. Ltd.;In 2012, it ranked No.89 among top 500 Chinese companies.
Exploration of Yanchang Petroleum began in 1905 and gained plentiful and subs...
Donation and Public Charity Activities Donated ¥100,000 to the Huaxian Hope...
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